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ical issue when analyzing outcomes This study evaluated 96 knee joints with osteoarthritis (degree I according to Resnick). The patients were examined by three examiners with the following score systems: Larson, Lysholm, Marshall, Orthopädische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Knie (OAK), Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), Visual Analog Scale (VAS), Tegner activity level, and the International Knee Documentation Committee (IKDC) scoring IKDC QUESTIONNAIRE FORM PDF - International Knee Documentation Committee (IKDC) score calculator . of the pediatric versus adult IKDC Subjective Knee Evaluation Form in adolescents. Mixed knee pathologies 434749 — J Bone Joint Surg Am. Score interpretation Possible score range: 2021-03-21 The pedi-IKDC score will not be calculated if more than two items are missing. Per the pedi-IKDC scoring instructions, item 12 does not factor into the overall score. Page 2 - IKDC DEMOGRAPHIC FORM 1. Do you smoke cigarettes?

Ikdc score interpretation

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A common terminology and an evaluation form were created. This form is the standard form for use in all publications on results of treatment of knee ligament injuries. that “Worst pain imaginable” is assigned a score of 0 and “No pain” is assigned a score of 10. Note: previous versions of the form had a minimum item score of 1 (for example, ranging from 1 to 11). In the most recent version, all items now have a minimum score of 0 (for example, 0 to 10). To score these prior versions, you The IKDC is one of the most commonly used instruments to determine the results of ACL reconstruction and other knee operative procedures and has been considered a “gold standard” in the validity analyses and development of other systems.7,9,11,14This chapter describes the history, development, initial forms, and revisions of the IKDC system.

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The lack of a sex-based effect and the minor variation with age both simplify the interpretation and use of the Pedi-IKDC. Therefore, Pedi-IKDC score distributions can provide assumptions for use in sample size or power calculations for research.

Ikdc score interpretation

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Ikdc score interpretation

For item 2, which is related to the frequency of pain 2016-01-01 Construct validity was assessed by comparing the LKS, OKS, and IKDC Subjective Knee Form and previous Arabic translated version of Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS). Test-retest reliability, internal consistency, and construct validity were assessed, using Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC), Cronbach's alpha, and Pearson correlation coefficient (r). The purpose of this study was to determine: (1) the sensitivity to changes over time for the IKDC form, the Lysholm score, and the Cincinnati knee score, (2) the relationship between the IKDC form, the Lysholm score and the Cincinnati knee score, (3) the criterion validity of each graded variable included in the IKDC form, and (4) if a functional knee test should be included as a graded variable and part of the final … Pedi-IKDC is specific for knee function measurement in children patients, the score ranges from 0 to 100 where 0 indicates poor function and 95-100 indicates excellent function, with an acceptable IKDC Score is A group of knee surgeons from Europe and America met in 1987 and founded the International Knee Documentation Committee. A common … 45 IKDC Score = x 100 87 IKDC Score = 51.7 The transformed score is interpreted as a measure of function such that higher scores represent higher levels of function and lower levels of symptoms. A score of 100 is interpreted to mean no limitation with activities of daily living or sports activities and the absence of symptoms. 2017-12-06 There was a large ceiling effect, with 34% of scores at the maximum value of 100.

Auswertung. IKDC-Score: erreichte Punkte (___)/ max. Punkte (87) x100. =______ %. Interpretation: 100% = normale Funktion. The general and knee specific score were less rigid than the IKDC objective; 2. The best interpretation of the results occurred in the subjective and objective  The IKDC subjective score is a questionnaire with different subjective factors knee range of motion, and ligament stability, determines the final IKDC grade.
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Then an assignment is given as “excellent” for 95 to 100 points; “good” for 84 to 94 points, “fair” for 65 to 83 points, or “poor” for less than 65 points.

Researchers who want to remain MODEMSTM compatible and use benchmarking data are The pedi-IKDC score will not be calculated if more than two items are missing. Per the pedi-IKDC scoring instructions, item 12 does not factor into the overall score.
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By consensus, scores closer to 0 represent the lowest level of function or highest level of symptoms whilst scores closer to the higher boundary represent the highest level of function, respectively the lower level of symptoms. IKDC-Score: erreichte Punkte (___)/ max. Punkte (87) x100 =_____ % Interpretation: 100% = normale Funktion Beim Gehen/ Laufen schnell anhalten und starten 4 3 2 1 0 Funktio n Alltagsaktivitäten/Sport unmöglich !

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AI Lund AI Lund - Lunds universitet

Validity Face and content validity Since the WOMAC was developed with extensive input from patients with OA, as well as input from academic rheumatologists and epidemiologists experienced in clinical assessment of rheumatologic diseases, the WOMAC can be considered to have face and content validity. The major problem dealing with knee scores is their development in English language, so translation and validation of these scores into other language were mandatory [3,4].