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DNS Resolver. Online DNS resolver service. Gets A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, NAPTR, NS, SOA records for a given hostname. Try here - AAAA records, or Address v6 records are used to store IP address information for a domain name. AAAA records can only store IPv6 IP addresses (e.g. fe80::1).

A aaaa cname

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This can be convenient when running multiple services from a … CNAME records, also known as alias records, point a hostname to another hostname or FQDN. These records are typically used to point multiple hosts to a single location, without having to specifically assign an A record to each hostname. For example: if you moved your blog from to, then you would use a CNAME record. A CNAME can’t be used for naked/root domain names.

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Root domain names must be mapped with either an A record or an Alias record (in Route 53). AAAA Record.

A aaaa cname

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A aaaa cname

For example, checking DNSDB, we can  2020年12月22日 DNS 域名解析中A、AAAA、CNAME、MX、NS、TXT、SRV、SOA、PTR 各项 记录的作用域名注册完成后首先需要做域名解析,域名解析就是把  11 Mar 2020 The AAAA-record links your domain name to an IP address. The difference is that the A-record works with IPv4 while the AAAA-record works  2 Jan 2020 What is a CNAME Record? What is an MX Record? What is a TXT Record?

Alias (CNAME, canonical name) – tillåter flera namn som pekar samma resurs. Mail Exchanger (MX)  AAAA 2001:6b0:4b::3 @ IN NS MX 0 gw A ns A pi CNAME ns www CNAME  CNAME-post. .
Sasja beslik nordea IN CNAME I due CNAME puntano al record A o AAAA.

; Matrix & Co dimension.matrix IN CNAME _matrix._tcp.matrix IN  Eftersom Amazon Route 53 tillåter dig att ställa in A-post eller CNAME till ett annat underdomännamn med hjälp av Alias, undrar jag vad som är skillnaden  Du kan sette opp DNS oppføringer (A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, SRV eller TXT) og www-videresendinger med mer.
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Nameserver address. To use different protocols like DOH, DOT etc.

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The actual name resolution uses the important types of A and AAAA records. Note. There many different  Example usage. Here are examples of an A record and a CNAME record.